ECF is your “One Source” for liquid terminal design and construction.

ECF is truly your "One Source" for liquid terminal design and construction. At ECF we value our customers and work closely with them to focus and understand what needs they do have and provide cost effective solutions, it's our core belief. From the largest petroleum refiners to third-party bulk terminal operators to regional road contractors, ECF provides a superior standard for site safety management, project expertise and industry leading specifications for liquid terminal design and construction. Our customer service is unmatched in our industry. We focus on our customer’s needs first, providing effective communication and complete customer satisfaction throughout each phase of the project process. ECF is dedicated to service and long term partnerships to the clients we serve.

Mission Statement

"At ECF, we are committed to building long term customer relationships based on providing a quality product installed in a safe working environment with customer service second to none"

Our Services


With a reputation for efficient layouts and the latest in computer-aided design and drafting tools, ECF works with our clients in all phases of their project from initial concept through commissioning. 

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Our Design-Build and Project Management Service is a fully integrated process, collaborating with our clients in planning, scheduling, engineering, design, procurement and construction. ECF can provide expertise in all phases of project development.

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With over 25 years of experience in field fabrication and installation, ECF provides the expertise necessary to install equipment, structural steel and process piping systems for optimum efficiency and ease of operation. Certified to ASME BPV Section IX welding code, our employees are uniquely qualified and available for any duration throughout the US and for any size of project.

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ECF’s Heat Tracing Division can design and install any form of heat tracing systems including hot oil, warm oil, electric, steam and hot water. Our experience includes the installation of stainless steel tubing, copper tubing, MI cable and self-regulating cable.

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ECF installs a wide variety of insulation and jacketing for pipe, tanks and equipment. Materials including fiberglass, mineral wool and calcium silicate insulation and aluminum, stainless steel and PVC jacketing. Whether you need a complete insulation system for new construction or simply want to optimize your existing facility for energy and cost savings, ECF’s Insulation division has the industry knowledge and expertise to design and install the ideal insulation for any application.

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ECF's Fabrication Division offers a line of process and blending systems to meet the high demands of product modifying at the terminal. ECF can design, fabricate and install standard or customized systems for blending Polymer Modified Asphalt, Poly-Phosphoric Acid (PPA), Molten Sulfur, Reclaim Boxes, product additive systems and more. Our fabrication services include the following:

  • Polymer Modified Asphalt Blending Systems 
  • Poly-phosphoric Acid Skids 
  • Sulfuric Acid Skids 
  • Warm Oil Heating Loop (Warm Oil Loop) 
  • Asphalt Hot Boxes (Material Reclaim Boxes) 
  • Shop Built Tanks

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Our Products

Polymer Modified Asphalt Blending Skids

This PMAC Skid is designed to allow the Plant Operator to produce any size batch of homogeneous PMAC Concentrate using a Level Controlled Wetting Tank.

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Asphalt Hot Boxes (Material Reclaim Boxes)

ECF manufacturers Material Reclaim Boxes for collecting test samples and drip bucket storage. A precise counterweight lid assembly provides easy lifting and seal.

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In-Line Multi Stream Blending Systems

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Warm Oil Heating Skids (Warm Oil Loop)

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Poly-phosphoric Acid Skids

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Removable Insulation Covers (Rc's)

ECF fabricates a full line of removable insulation covers for a wide variety of applications including high temperature and hostile environments for both equipment and fittings.

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Automated Molten Sulfur Injection Skids

The Injection System can either be installed as a stand alone system or integrated into the PMAC PLC for single point control of the entire process.

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