ECF manufacturers Material Reclaim Boxes for collecting test samples and drip bucket storage. 


Key Features of the ECF Asphalt Hot Box include:

  • A precise counterweight lid assembly provides easy lifting and seal.

  • No separate pump is required to move product.

  • Heat is supplied from your current heating system.

  • Double-wall construction with insulation between inner and outer wall.

  • Custom paint option is available to match existing plant infrastructure.


Standard Specifications:

     Dimensions: 48” W X 36” D X 41” H


Customer Connections:

  • Heating: Two 2” ANSI 150# Raised Faced CS Flanges

  • Product: 2” or 3” ANSI 150# Raised Faced CS Flanges

  • Inner Shell: ASTM A-36 3/16” Plate Steel

  • Outer Shell: ASTM A-36 3/16” Plate Steel

  • Insulation: 2” Thick Mineral Wool

  • Physical Volume: Six Standard 5 gal Buckets

  • Liquid Volume: Approx. 50 US gals

  • Shipping Weight: Approx. 1020 lbs.


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