ECF Products

Polymer Modified Asphalt Blending Skids


ECF Polymer Modified Asphalt Blending Skids are designed to allow plant operators to produce any size batch of homogeneous PMAC Concentrate using a Level Controlled Wetting Tank. The system can be controlled by a single operator when necessary. ECF can customize your PMAC Blending Skid to meet your production requirements with either single or dual tank design. ECF has over 15 years of experience in the design, fabrication and installation of polymer modified asphalt blending systems. 



  • Standard shop-fabricated PMAC skid comes complete on an 8' x 25' to 40' skid for ease of shipment and installation.
  • Control of both AC and polymer addition rate ensures a homogeneous blend.
  • Wetting tank ensures all polymer is milled on one single pass.
  • Tank Level Radar with remote readout.
  • High-capacity mill features allow a high-flow blending process from 20-70 TP/hr.
  • PLC controls the entire process from a single point.
  • 230 Cubic Foot Capacity Polymer Bin with sloped sides for bottom discharge.
  • Flexible design allows for return of milled PMAC for additional polymer or re-mill, if desired.
  • Skid design offers continuous flow or batch processing.
  • Available integration with ECF's Molten Sulfur Injection System for cross-linking