Heat Tracing and Insulation Services

Pipe and Equipment Heat Tracing

In applications that require temperature sensitivity, tracing is an important and often overlooked service. ECF has over 20 years of experience in designing and installing numerous forms of tracing systems including hot oil, warm oil, electric, steam and hot water. Our experience includes installing stainless steel tubing, aluminum tubing and self-regulating cable. We guarantee results and can provide a list of satisfied customers.

Pipe and Equipment Insulation
As one of ECF’s first business line services introduced back in 1994 the insulation division at ECF is available to travel to any location for any length of time. ECF crews bring a wide range of experience, from both terminal piping and process piping system which require heat. In addition to offering valuable energy savings, ECF can design and install a wide range of applications for tanks, piping and mechanical systems.

Removable Insulation Covers (RCs)
ECF fabricates a full line of removable insulation covers for a wide variety of applications including high temperature and hostile environments for both equipment and fittings. Applications for pumps, valves, meters and various other application allow for ease of services and insure thermal efficiency.