ECF utilizes the latest 3D modeling software through Tekla Structures to detail your project.            Our modeling capability provides accurate BIM coordination, shop drawings, and CNC machine information for any shop setup. Our detailing and engineering work is never subcontracted overseas. Our staff is well versed in the steel fabrication industry, providing structural design          and detailing services across the United States.


Delegated Design:


Don’t let delegated design stop you from bidding a project. As popularity of design-build projects grow, more and more engineering  responsibilities are being delegated to the fabricators- from connection design to miscellaneous structures. ECF can take on any engineering aspect of your project and provide you with a complete calculation report using the most up to date software, stamped by a Professional Engineer.





Whether you are looking for design of a commercial building, or addition of a new floor or stair tower, ECF can help. ECF can provide design calculations and assist our clients visualize their plans before their project is executed. Whether it's large or small scale, our team will work with you until you are completely satisfied with the design.                                                                     



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