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Asphalt Piping &
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ECF is a market leader in asphalt storage and liquid terminal design & construction. From concept through completion, ECF is your single-source partner for all your terminal design, construction, and operating needs. Learn more about our services.

Polymer Modified Asphalt Systems & Other Products

ECF has extensive experience in the manufacturing of polymer modified asphalt (PMA) blending systems. We offer complete turnkey design, fabrication, and installation of your PMAC system. Our PMA skids are designed to allow the plant operator to produce any size batch of homogeneous PMAC concentrate using a level-controlled wetting tank. We can customize your PMAC blending skid to meet your production requirements with either single or dual tank design.

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Liquid Terminal Design

ECF is a nationally recognized leader in liquid terminal design and construction for asphalt storage & blending, emulsions, crude oil, refined products, asphalt roofing and biofuels.

About Engineers Contractors Fabricators Inc. (ECF)

Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Columbia IL, ECF provides industry-leading heated liquid terminal services throughout North America. We are committed to bringing projects to completion on time and within budget while exceeding customer expectations.

Featured Projects & Successes

ECF has successfully completed numerous ground up terminals, expansions, renovations and terminal additions throughout North America. Find out more about our most recent featured projects.

Asphalt Blending and PMA Production


Emulsions Production and


Asphalt Blending with Marine, Rail and Truck Operations


Custom-tailored terminal design and construction services to meet your specific project needs. View More Projects

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