Asphalt Terminal Construction: Lowest Bid Not Always Lowest Price

Why the Lowest Bid Often Leads to Higher Costs and Sub-standard Quality

Al Meitl pictureWhen you ‘ve worked in the same industry as long as ECF has, you get pretty good at what you do. For the past 28 years, we have built a solid reputation in the asphalt terminal construction business for quality and value. Because of our experience, we know exactly what a project will entail. That means, our pricing is based on scoping a project entirely to what it’s going to take to make the project work correctly, efficiently and give the customer what they need.

ECF uses only the highest quality materials, the proper industry specifications and top-of-the-line workmanship. No need to change orders and no costly mistakes. We have anticipated the client’s needs every step of the way, often to an extent that the client doesn’t even understand, but that’s why they hire us.

And that’s why I’m sorry to see some companies go with the lowest bidder. It pains me to see a company go with a subpar bid when in the end, we know it’s going to cost them more, or provide them a lower quality product that doesn’t meet their needs.

How the Lowest Bid Becomes the Highest Price

The dirty little secret is that some competitors purposely submit lower bids to get the work, and then apply change orders during the project to drive the overall price higher. Nine times out of ten, the price ends up higher than ECF’s accurate proposal.

Could we bid lower? Sure, we could. But we feel it is critical to provide an honest and accurate proposal to our customers, even if it costs us some projects from time to time. Our team of experts remains committed to building long-term relationships based on accurate pricing and quality products installed in a safe working environment with customer service second to none. It’s something our clients can depend on.

And it’s the reason that ECF is the market leader in asphalt terminal design and construction. From concept through completion, ECF can provide all your terminal design, construction, and operating needs.

Contact ECF for an Asphalt Terminal Construction Quote

Headquartered in Columbia, IL, ECF has a long-standing reputation as the market leader in the design and construction of terminal facilities. With nearly 30 years of experience, ECF has established itself as an industry leader, having successfully completed numerous ground-up terminals, expansions, renovations and additions throughout the United States.

Getting the job right remains the goal today. Contact us today to learn why ECF is not only different, but an industry leader.

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