Markets Served

ECF is nationally recognized as the industry leader in liquid terminal design and construction. Headquartered in Columbia, IL, just outside of St. Louis, ECF works throughout North America completing industrial/mechanical projects. Our design and construction expertise includes asphalt blending and storage, refined products, crude oil and renewable fuels. From ground up facilities to expansion and renovations, ECF is your industry partner for terminal services.


Asphalt Storage

Whether you are looking for winter fill, strategic supply, or process storage applications, ECF specializes in asphalt storage and blending. We can provide scoping and sizing services, process flow and design, insulation and tracing, foundations, and all associated and related equipment.

Asphalt Blending and Modification

For more than 26 years, ECF has been providing proven designs and precise blending of asphalt and additives for blending and modification systems to the industry – a hallmark of an ECF product. Let us design one for you.



ECF has significant experience in designing, building and operating emulsion systems in the U.S. and Americas. Our knowledge of the nuances of manufacturing emulsions are the result of hands-on experiences. We have provided designs for all types of emulsion products and systems and have worked with a variety of mill manufacturers to make each system perform optimally for our customers.

Asphalt Roofing

ECF has provided its customers with turn-key oxidation facilities, Polymer Modified Asphalt blending solutions at shingle facilities and other integrated blending solutions. We are familiar with the intricacies of the oxidized asphalt challenges.


Crude Oil

ECF has experience in designing and constructing Crude Oil Storage. Pipeline and truck receipts to unit train loading, ECF can provide solutions to meet your needs.


Refined Products

ECF has worked in the refined products’ sectors for more than 20 years providing a wide range of services. We have the knowledge and expertise to provide solutions for your terminal from new facility design and construction to tank conversions, system upgrades, product blending, tie-ins, tracing and insulation.

ECF can manage these projects no matter how large or small from start to finish.


ECF has provided terminal services in the ethanol and bio-diesel markets. From turnkey design and construction to adding storage to blending operations, ECF can provide the services necessary.

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