Oxidized Asphalt Roofing Blending Solutions

At ECF, we help clients tackle the challenges associated with designing and running oxidized asphalt facilities for asphalt roofing applications. As the asphalt roofing industry continues to evolve, our experienced staff can guide you through every phase of a project from conceptual design to construction management and ultimately assist in asphalt blending solutions that meet strict production requirements. 

Here's why ECF’s experience makes us a valuable partner for your projects.

Oxidation Facility Design

ECF provides a design-build service that features a fully integrated process for roofing applications. We collaborate with clients on project planning, scheduling, engineering, design, procurement, and full turnkey construction services.  

Our Project Management Services provide a competitive edge when it comes to choosing an EPC provider, which translates to saving valuable time and money. Our services include:

  • Real-time status reports.
  • Single source, direct client communication.
  • Project Planning.
  • Budgeting, permitting, scheduling.
  • Conceptual Design/Layouts.
  • Engineering & Design.
  • Material & Equipment Procurement.

You can find a full list of our competitive services here.

Polymer Modified Asphalt Blending Solutions

Manufacturing of polymer modified asphalt blending systems requires a wide range of engineering and industry experience. At ECF our skilled team offers complete turnkey design, fabrication, and installation of polymer systems. 

The keys to productive blending solutions are PMAC skids. ECF manufactured skids are designed to allow plant operators to produce any size batch of homogeneous PMAC concentrate using a level-controlled wetting tank. We can customize your PMAC Blending skid to meet specific production requirements and teamed with ECF’s precision control system, quality production for your blending requirements is easier to maintain. This gives you greater control over the asphalt grade you require, with a significantly lowered chance for inconsistency in the compound.

Best Asphalt Roofing Partner

At ECF, we’ve completed more than 25 ground-up terminals along with numerous facility expansions, renovations, and additions throughout North America. Our experience in asphalt storage, blending solutions, and polymer modification makes ECF an ideal full-service partner in terminal services. For more information on any aspect of liquid terminal design and construction, contact us today.

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