Pipe crushed at an asphalt storage terminal

The insulated pipes in asphalt storage facilities and other heated liquid terminals can become crushed or damaged in high traffic areas where pipes are frequently walked on or used as a step. Any damage to the aluminum jacket and insulation underneath causes heat loss and, in turn, additional energy costs to maintain the required process temperatures. Damage to the pipe jacket also allows for water intrusion, which compromises the efficiency of the insulation and can lead to deeper corrosion issues.

If this is a common occurrence in your asphalt storage terminal or manufacturing site, the solution could be as simple as replacing the insulation you use.

How Insulation Can Prevent Crushed Pipes

As a leader in heated liquid terminal construction, ECF provides a wide variety of insulation and jacketing materials for pipes, tanks and equipment, including a durable, rigid material known as calcium silicate that can actually prevent crushed pipes.

What is Calcium Silicate Insulation

Calcium silicate is a chemical compound consisting of calcium, silicon and oxygen. Derived from naturally occurring rocks and minerals that give it a white powdery appearance, calcium silicate’s unique chemical properties offer high-temperature structural integrity and fire resistance, as well as high compression resistance and corrosion resistance, even in high moisture conditions.

Because of its low thermal conductivity and combustibility, calcium silicate is the ideal material for insulating high-temperature piping and equipment. As a result, calcium silicate insulation is used in a variety of manufacturing industries – from electric power plants to asphalt storage terminals – but it is calcium silicate’s strength, durability and high compression resistance that make it invaluable in facilities where pipe jacketing can become crushed from repeated foot traffic.

Replace the Insulation in Your Asphalt Storage Terminal

ECF’s Insulation Division has the knowledge and expertise to both design and install the ideal insulation for any application. We offer complete insulation systems for new construction, as well as insulation replacement solutions for existing sites. Call (314) 241-8500 or contact us online to get a quote for calcium silicate insulation and never worry about crushed piping and heat loss again.