ECF has been servicing the asphalt and refined products markets with a wide variety of engineered products and services for more than two decades. From design built, turn-key marine terminals to a single heated tank at a hot mix plant, we can design and provide the assets our customers need.


ECF engineers and builds state-of-the-art stationary and portable PMA production plants, provides polyphosphoric acid and molten sulfur additive systems and has the internal capability to provide complete insulation services that cover all of your tank, piping and tracing needs. ECF also manufactures pump-insulating jackets and manway insulation covers to protect employees from thermal burn risks while also reducing heat loss to save our customers money. ECF provides what our customers need with pride and commitment.

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Polymer Modified Asphalt Blending Skids

ECF has extensive experience in the manufacturing of polymer modified asphalt blending systems. We offer complete turnkey design, fabrication, and installation of your polymer system. Our PMA skids are designed to allow the plant operator to produce any size batch of homogeneous PMAC concentrate using a level-controlled wetting tank. This system can be controlled by a single operator. We can customize your PMAC Blending skid to meet your production requirements with either single or dual tank design.

Key Features of Polymer Modified Asphalt Blending Skids:

  • Standard shop-fabricated PMAC skid comes complete on an 8' X 25' to 40' skid for ease of shipment and installation.
  • Control of both AC and polymer addition rate ensures a homogenous blend.
  • Wetting tank ensures all polymer is milled on a single pass.
  • High-capacity mill features allow a high-flow blending process from 20-70 TP/hr.
  • PLC controls the entire process from a single point.
  • Flexible design allows for return of milled PMAC for additional polymer or re-mill, if desired.
  • Skid design offers continuous flow or batch processing.
  • Custom skid designs are available to meet specific production and location requirements.
  • Available integration of ECF Molten Sulfur Injection System for cross linking.
  • Complete turnkey PMAC installation, operational and startup support is available.

In-Line Multi-Stream Blending Systems

ECF designs and installs In-Line Multi Stream Blending Systems to allow for precise control of blending up to five streams of base products into a single stream of finished product. This high level of control allows you to load the finished product directly onto sales trucks. In some cases, our in-line blending system can eliminate the need for intermediate blending and additional finished product tanks.

Polyphosphoric Acid Skids

ECF offers customized self-contained and fully automated Polyphosphoric Acid Skids. Polyphosphoric Acid (PPA) is a common asphalt cement modifier used in some states. The acid can be used to raise the PG Grade of the Asphalt as in Polymer modification, as well as altering the properties of flux used in the roofing industry. ECF, Inc., works with a variety of chemical suppliers and provides a self-contained PPA storage and Injection skid system; complete with injection controls and secondary containment.

Key Features of the ECF Poly-Phosphoric Acid Skid:

  • Incorporated skid design for ease of shipment and installation.
  • Horizontal or vertical tank design.
  • Independent heat control system.
  • Injection control system and integrated control panel.
  • Integrated secondary containment system.

Automated Molten Sulfur Injection Skids

ECF can design, fabricate and install our Automated Molten Sulfur Injection Skid, which includes a batch meter and sulfur VFD pump that provides precise control of the sulfur quantity and rate of injection. The sulfur pump and injection valve are controlled for one-step operation of the entire process. The injection system can either be installed as a stand-alone system or integrated into the PMAC PLC for single point control.

Key Features of the ECF Automated Molten Sulfur Injection Skid:

  • Incorporated skid design for ease of shipment and installation.
  • Batch Meter and VFD Sulfur Pump provides precise control of sulfur and rate of injection.
  • The sulfur pump and injection valve are controlled for one step operation of the entire process.
  • Injection skid can utilize hot oil or steam.
  • Integrated temperature control system allows the molten sulfur to remain in the tank and in the injection line.

Material Reclaim Boxes – Asphalt Hot Boxes

ECF manufacturers Material Reclaim Boxes for collecting test samples and drip bucket storage.

Key Features:

  • A precise counterweight lid assembly provides easy lifting and seal.
  • No separate pump is required to move product.
  • Heat is supplied from your current heating system.
  • Double-wall construction with insulation between inner and outer wall.
  • Custom paint option is available to match existing plant infrastructure.


  • Standard Box Dimensions: 48” W X 36” D X 41” H (4 bucket capacity)
  • Large Box Dimensions: 96” W X 36” D X 41” H (8 bucket capacity) *

Customer Connections:

  • Heating: Two 2” ANSI 150# Raised Faced CS Flanges
  • Product: 2” or 3” ANSI 150# Raised Faced CS Flanges
  • Inner Shell: ASTM A-36 3/16” Plate Steel
  • Outer Shell: ASTM A-36 3/16” Plate Steel
  • Insulation: 2” Thick Mineral Wool
  • Physical Volume: Six Standard 5 gal Buckets
  • Liquid Volume: Approx. 50 US gals
  • Shipping Weight: Approx. 1020 lbs.

*Large box connections are the same as our standard box connections.

Warm Oil Heating Skids – Warm Oil Loop

When consistent temperatures and heat stabilization are critical, count on the ECF Warm Oil Heating Skid. ECF has developed the Warm Oil Heating Skid (Warm Oil Loop) to mitigate heat loss and to stabilize heated product during production cycles. ECF designed and engineered the warm oil loop system to assist in maintaining product temperatures by recirculating thermal oil through a closed loop.


This design reduces thermal fatigue and allows the product to maintain a constant temperature and pressure throughout the system.


Removable Insulation Covers (RCs)

ECF fabricates a full line of removable covers for a wide variety of applications including high temperature processes, burn protection and hostile environments for both equipment and fittings. ECF can also fabricate energy saving, pre-engineered covers for equipment, valves and fittings similarly suited for high temperature requirements.
ECF manufacturers a specialty line of both standard and customized removable covers for a wide variety of applications.
Any high-temperature piping or equipment should be insulated to improve safety, reduce heat loss and increase system efficiency. ECF's removable covers are designed and manufactured to meet the high demands for equipment and instrumentation subject to high temperatures and harsh environments.

ECF's Removable Insulation Coverings are designed to:

  • Improve employee safety and protect personnel
  • Mitigate heat loss
  • Create energy savings
  • Provide freeze protection
  • Protect valuable equipment limiting exposure to harsh environments
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