Removable Insulation Covers (RCs)

Any high-temperature piping or equipment should be insulated to improve safety, reduce heat loss, and increase system efficiency. ECF's removable covers are designed and manufactured to meet the high demands for equipment and instrumentation subject to high temperatures and harsh environments.

ECF manufacturers a full line of standard removable covers for a wide variety of applications, including high temperature processes, burn protection and hostile environments for both equipment and fittings. We also manufacture custom coverings for any application or need, and provide expert insulation technicians to install your coverings and ensure the proper fit.

ECF's Removable Insulation Coverings are designed to:

  • Improve employee safety and protect personnel
  • Mitigate heat loss
  • Create energy savings
  • Provide freeze protection
  • Protect valuable equipment limiting exposure to harsh environments
removable insulation covers for heated liquid terminals
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